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Are you looking for a restaurant that can accomodate your group? A family excursion? The nearest store or supermarket? A bike rental? ...

Here is a maximum information of what you can find around the lodging houses.

These references are not exhaustive and are likely to evolve but they answer many questions we are commonly asked and we hope they will be useful to you.

Food and drink


Aldi / Colruyt / Lidl / Spar
in 5580 Rochefort
AD Delhaize
in 5580 Jemelle
Carrefour Market
in 6900 On
Carrefour Supermarché
in 6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Louis Delhaize / Station Esso

Open to 9 p.m.

in 5580 Wavreille


Brasserie Maziers (Espace Scaillet)

Parc d’activités Economiques, rue de la Griotte 1 in 5580 Rochefort

Order and delivery to the lodging houses


Boulangerie Devigne

Rue des Alliés 16 in 6953 Forrières (850m !)

Delivery to the lodging house on order

Boulangerie Pihart-Pierlot

Rue de Ninove 16 in 5580 Jemelle (4,5km)

takeaway pizzas

La Diva

Place Roi Albert 1er 12 in 5580 Rochefort (7km)

La Bella Italia

Rue de Behogne 50 in 5580 Rochefort (7,5km)

Chip shop

Friterie-Snack « Burger House »

Rond-Point du Grand Cerf in 5580 Wavreille (1,7km)

In front of the Esso gas-station / cash payment / close on Sunday noon / order by FB Messenger

Catering service

L’Atelier des Saveurs

Avenue du Rond-Point 7 in 5580 Rochefort (6,5km)

Deliveries to the lodging houses with or without service


Non-exhaustive choice of restaurants that can also accommodate groups.

La Gourmandise

Rue de Behogne 24 in 5580 Rochefort (7km)

Le Luxembourg

Place Roi Albert 1er 2 in 5580 Rochefort (7km)


Avenue du Rond-Point 3A in 5580 Rochefort (6,4km)

L’Auberge du Prévost

Rue du Fourneau Saint-Michel 2 in 6870 Saint-Hubert (8,5km)


Tourist Offices

Town of Rochefort

The various Tourist Offices of the town of Rochefort are listed on the website of the town.

SI Rochefort

Rue de Behogne 5 in 5580 Rochefort (7km)

SI Jemelle

Place des Déportés 4 in 5580 Jemelle (4,8km)

Royal Tourist Office of Han-sur-Lesse

Place Théo Lannoy 2 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse (9,3km)

Town of Sint-Hubert

Royal Tourist Office of "Saint-Hubert"

Rue Saint-Gilles 12 in 6870 Saint-Hubert (17km)

Tourist Offices

Tourist Office "Famenne-Ardenne Ourthe & Lesse"

This concerns the municipalities of Beauraing, Durbuy, Hotton, Houyet, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Rochefort

Place de l’Etang 15 in 6900 Marche-en-Famenne (15km)

Tourist Office of the Sint-Hubert forest

This concerns the municipalities of Libin (Redu-Euro Space Center), Libramont-Chevigny, Saint-Hubert (Fourneau St-Michel), Tellin, Tenneville

Place du Marché 15 in 6870 Saint-Hubert (17km)

Tourist Office "Condroz-Famenne"

This concerns in particular the Provincial Domain of Chevetogne

Place Monseu 23 in 5590 Ciney


Event organization


All services and equipments for the organization of your private or professional events

Rue du Plan d’Eau 39 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse


Rue du Plan d’Eau 39 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse

Bike rental

Cycle Sport

Rue de Behogne 59 in 5580 Rochefort (7,5km)


Inflatable castles, marquees, catering equipment, ... rental

Rue du Plan d’Eau 39 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse

Festive equipment rental


Location de châteaux gonflables, chapiteaux, matériel horeca,...

Rue de Behogne 59 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse

Points of interest

Non-exhaustive list of points of interest, tourist attractions and curiosities near the lodging houses.

unusual breeding

Inzofalle → families, children

Deer breeding farm on 41 hectares.

Chemin d’Inzès Fochales 18 in 6950 Nassogne (6,5km)

Guided visits by reservation (from 8 people) + walks

Ostrich breeding of the Doneu → families, children

Ostrich breeding farm

Rue du Doneû 5 in 5580 Rochefort (16km)

Local brewing craft

Craft brewery "Saint Monon" → adults

Rue Principale 41 in 6953 Ambly (3,5km)

Visit + beer tasting (45' - 1 h) by reservation (contact: Mr Pierre Jacob)

Craft brewery of the Lesse → adults

Rue du Treux 4 in 5580 Eprave (10,4km)

Visit + beer tasting (10 EU/pers - 1h30)

Leisure park

Provincial Domain of "Chevetogne" → families

600-hectares leisure park dedicated to activities close to nature.

Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne in 5590 Chevetogne (20km)

Euro Space Center → families, teenagers

Attractive and educational space center

Rue devant les Hêtres 1 in 6890 Transinnes (19km)

History - Culture - architectural inheritance - Archeology

MALAGNE Archeopark of Rochefort → all ages

It is home to a remarkable archaeological heritage: Gallo-Roman villa in a green setting of 14 hectares specially designed for educational and fun "family" activities.

Rue du Coirbois, 85 in 5580 Rochefort (7,2km)

Open from late March to early November, all weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Comtal castle of Rochefort → all ages

Castle ruins dating back to the 12th century - activities and guided tours.

Rue Jacquet in 5580 Rochefort (6,4km)

Provincial Domain of "Fourneau Saint-Michel" → all ages

Heritage of rural life in Wallonia on 80 hectares and Iron Museum. Several animations.

Fourneau Saint-Michel 4 in 6870 Saint-Hubert (9km)

Castle of Lavaux-Saint-Anne → all ages

One of the most beautiful medival castles in Belgium (15st century). Rural and Seigneurial Life Museum and Hunting Museum.

Rue du Château 8 in Lavaux Sainte-Anne (18km)

The underground world

Domain of the caves of Han-sur-Lesse → all ages

Wonder of nature, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe.

Rue Joseph Lamotte 2 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse (9,3km)

At the end of the visit, free access to the PrehistoHan museum.

Caves of Lorette → all ages

Considered to be the little sister of the caves of Han-sur-Lesse - a vertical descent of nearly 60 m.

Drève de Lorette in 5580 Rochefort (6,7km)

Wildlife park

Wildlife park of the caves of Han-sur-Lesse → all ages

Animals from our country, from today or yesterday, on 250 hectares of meadows and forests. By Safari-car or by foot (2.5 or 5.5 km hiking trail with "tree climbing").

Rue Joseph Lamotte 2 in 5580 Han-sur-Lesse (9,3km)